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Meetings & Events
Our regular meetings are held at Bethel Lutheran Church in Shoreline, WA, unless otherwise specified.  
 Visitors are always welcome.

17529 15th Avenue NE, Shoreline, WA 98155       
                       15 blocks east of I-5 at exit 176.          Google map
                        Turn left at 15th Ave.  It is the fourth building on the left.  The building is set back from the street
                        further than the surrounding buildings. The parking lot is behind the building.  Our meeting room
                        is on the lower floor at the southwest corner and is accessed from the back sidewalk.
Time:  The business meeting begins at 2:00 pm, but many members arrive around 1:00 pm to help set up and socialize.


                        Online meetings now replace our in-person events until the pandemic is over.
                          For our online meetings, sign-in begins at 1:00pm.  Folks can socialize online from 1 to 2.  Meeting
                          begins at 2:00pm.  Emails are sent to the members in advance with the link to the meeting. You can
                          connect via computer, tablet or smartphone.  A camera and microphone are certainly a plus, but you
                          can connect with audio-only by phone.

                     May 15, 2022  Club Meeting  2:00pm
                                                     Program:  Oral Auction - CANCELLED due to rain forecast, this auction will become
                                                     the August auction
                    June 26, 2022  Club Meeting  2:00pm
                                                      Program:  speaker Colin MacLeod, 2017 grant recipient, "Parasite biodiversity
                                                      in British Columbia and the ecological implications of infection"

                     July 17, 2022   Club Meeting  2:00pm
                                                      Program:  speaker Kathy Swiney will speak about abalone

                August 21, 2022   Club Meeting  2:00pm
                                                       Program:  Oral Auction (this will be the May auction list)

         September 18, 2022   Club Meeting 2:00pm
                                                       Program:  speakers Elizabeth Diehl and Jaclyn Stapleton, 2021 grant recipients

               October 16, 2022   Club Meeting 2:00pm
                                                       Program:  speaker Jen Vanderhoof

           November 20, 2022   Club Meeting 2:00pm
speaker Heather Fulton-Bennett, 2019 grant recipient, "Abalone settlement
                                                       to coralline algae under ocean acidification"

           December 18, 2022   Club Meeting  2:00pm
                                                       Program:  Winter Party

               January 15, 2022   Club Meeting 2:00pm
                                                       Program:  speaker Eileen Bates, 2020 grant recipient 

Program and field trip information can be subject to change.

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